About this Wiki

This glossary aims to fill a gap in terms of a single comprehensive resource which of local government terminology. There are additional benefits to it being online: it is always up-to-date, it doesn't suffer from space restrictions and all sorts of media can be used in definitions. It will be an interesting part of the project, moving forward, in terms of what creative content can be used to discuss terms. More about what can be included in entries can be found on the Contribute page.

It's important that this site is a wiki, rather than any other type of website. It means that anybody can register and add or update an entry, which means that it will always be kept up to date thanks to the wisdom of crowds! Of course, Metcalfe's Law applies here, as to any community driven venture: the more people use and contribute to this resource, the more use it will be for everyone else.

The project is one that is being driven by the Social Media and Online Collaboration Community of Practice - an online network of local government workers who have an interest in the use of new technology within local government to foster greater communication and cooperation within the sector. You don't have to be a member of the CoP to take part though, and registration is quite separate. The project was initiated by Steve Dale and Dave Briggs.

All the content on this wiki is published under a Creative Commons licence. This means you can pretty much do as you please with it - but you have to credit us and we would appreciate a link back to the wiki! If you like, you can link to our logo: