Contributions Welcome!

We welcome additions and updates to the glossary from anyone interested, though obviously we do request that glossary items be connected in some way to local government matters. That still leaves a pretty wide scope, though!

This site is a wiki, which means that any member of the site can edit the pages, and add their own content. Please sign up with WikiSpaces and join this wiki so you can take part! When you have done that (it's quick but you do have to reply to the automated eamil you're sent), you will see a box saying 'Edit This Page' towards the top right of each page which you click to do just that. Further explanation in 'help' at the top right of each page.

One of the things that will be really cool is if we make the most of the fact that the glossary exists on the web. That means loading definitions with links, both between glossary items and to external sites, images and even audio and video where suitable. Wikispaces, who host this site, are pretty flexible in terms of what sort of information can be stored on the wiki, so feel free to be creative!

It is also possible to upload documents to glossary entries, so it is possible to submit examples of the definition if you have one.

Another way to contribute to the wiki is to discuss the definitions. Each page on this site has a 'discussion' page where you can start a conversation with other glossary users about a specific term.

Stuff To Do
  • Add 'further information' type links to existing entries
  • Find media to add to entries
  • Find public best practice documents to attach to entries